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September Favourites

And just like that, we've moved into the festive part of the year. I can confirm I have seen shops with Christmas decorations out. Part of me thinks it's far too early while the other is rejoicing cause I just love the atmosphere of the festive season. I've always loved this time of year, even though it means the year is near the end and I'm sat here wondering what it is I've done at all.

Most Haunted
I used to catch the odd episode years ago while channel surfing. It's a British show and they just investigate haunted places. Thanks to my anxiety anything ghost related drives my brain insane and I stay awake and night hearing EVERYTHING. There have been quite a few accusations that the show is rigged, whether it's true or not it's still entertaining. I just watch it on YouTube, old episodes and also new ones. I had no idea this show was still going on.

BeFunky Photo Editor
PicMonkey was my go-to when editing photos. However they've now changed it where you can't save any pictures edited, you have to sign up which sucks. As a result, I searched for a new site and came across BeFunky which to be fair is way better than PicMonkey. It doesn't freeze as much, you don't have to keep opening the same image to watermark pictures and it also has an exposure setting called 'Fill Light' which just makes your photos look so much better. I'm very happy with this discovery.

4th Birthday & Giveaway
On Saturday my little blog turned four. It's amazing to me how I've managed to stick with it for so long. To celebrate I'm doing my very first giveaway, check out the post to see what's included and how to enter.

The notion of creativity
Creativity is an amazing thing and every so often I get this sudden burst of it. It's an amazing feeling. You're so excited and compelled to create something and in your head picture how great it could be. It's a euphoric sense almost, it's the best feeling.

What were your September favourites?

Ashley xx

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