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Everyday Goals

Setting goals are a never-ending cycle for me. I make them, try to stick to them, but eventually I'm too far lost and don't know my way back. Why I keep doing them I don't know. For me everything becomes clearer once it's written down, once it's cemented on paper it can't disappear. So I'm swapping paper for a post and putting them on the internet. They're not 'big' goals, more like small ones I work on every day.

  • Drink more water/drink less Pepsi.
Pepsi is one of my biggest vices and every time I have a glass it's a slippery slope and I've wound up having almost a whole bottle. My taste for water as it were has grown over the years, before I couldn't stand the blandness but now I find myself craving it.

  • 5 minutes of exercise daily
Sometimes I'm an all or nothing person. If I don't feel like doing what others are doing I just give up entirely. I've gone through bouts of exercising over the years but end up forgoing it as I don't feel like I'm doing it properly or enough. My doctor recommended starting off slowing, doing only 5 mins or so a day. It makes sense, especially for someone as unfit as me.

  • Meditation
I've done some meditating a couple of times but haven't routinely done it. I get it into my head that I don't have enough time for it when really it's only a small part of the day. Of the few times I've done it I've come out relaxed and I don't feel like I'm on the edge of a mental breakdown as I often am.

  • Get up early/going to bed early/regular sleep
My sleep cycle has never been great. It doesn't help that I'm a night owl and get this rush of motivation to do stuff at 10 pm. Insomnia is at an all-time high and my brain just won't turn off. As a result, I waste most of the day and I feel like crap the rest of it. I know this will be a gradual work in progress.

Do you have any small everyday goals?

Ashley xx

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