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High-End Fragrances

Fragrance is one of the things I always remember to put on every day. Currently I rotate six different ones, mostly overlapping each other. The majority of them are the 'celebrity' ones (Britney Spears) but I've always coveted the range of higher end fragrances. So far only two have joined my collection but I'm always lusting after them all.

YSL Black Opium
I bought this earlier in the year with a pharmacy voucher that was gathering dust. I had seen other beauty bloggers rave about it so wanted to see what the fuss was about. While at the counter I was tossing up between this one & the floral edition. They kind of smelled the same to me and ended up going with this one. I love the design of the bottle, a very dark glittery purple and the 50 ml is a nice size. So it turns out I did a post on this in March, I describe the notes & stuff there so have a look at that. It's currently in rotation and I love the darker floral scent to it.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs
I've wanted this fragrance for the longest time and when my parents asked me if there were any perfumes I wanted from America I immediately said this. They actually brought back a set which had a 100 ml bottle, a 10 ml roll-on & a bottle of lotion. As yet I haven't worn it, I'm gonna wait till one of my usuals has run out. It smells amazing which is not surprising considering it has notes of wild strawberry, gardenia & jasmine.

What high-end fragrances do you love?

Ashley xx

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