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Review | Godblind & Strange the Dreamer

As a fantasy genre lover, I was very pleased with these fantasy epics. At times it got a bit overwhelming and eventually, I ended up favouring one over the other. They were both also more of the weightier books I've read in a while so I'm grateful I made it to the other side (soz for sounding dramatic).

Godblind by Anna Stephens*
The narrative is set in a world of neighbouring waring kingdoms, Mireces & Rilpor. The Mireces worship the Red Gods, the Dark Lady and her horde dealt in death, blood & fire. Rilpor, on the other hand, worships the Gods of Light with the Dancer being the main deity. When the king of Rilpor's health declines the kingdom is in danger, to fall to Mireces and the Red Gods. 

The story rotates around the perspective of ten characters, it's kind of like a TV show were we the viewer sees what is happening in multiple locations on each side. Aside from the 'gods', the story is similar to wars that have happened throughout history. For me, it sounded familiar to the War of the Roses. While no side was particularly evil, the Tudors did paint the Yorks badly in order to support their claim to the throne. One part that I enjoyed most was the interactions between the high priestess of each side. They were snarky towards one another but respected each other's position with the Blessed One (Red Gods) being especially curious about the Gods of Light.

The book finished in the middle of the battle so I'm presuming there will be a sequel. I hope so, I want to see the outcome of the conflict.

3.5 stars

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor*
Compared to Godblind this book was much more fantastical and lighter in terms of the story. The narrative is mostly split between two characters. Lazlo, an orphan librarian who gets the chance to travel to the place he's dreamed of his whole life, & Sarai who is one of five godspawn who are hiding their existence from the people who tried to kill them. The structure in which the godspawn live in is causing the people below trouble which is how Lazlo becomes part of the team brought in to solve it. 

While the book uncovers the mysteries of Weep, (the place Lazlo has dreamed about) the main aspect of the book is Lazlo & Sarai's relationship. Lazlo is a dreamer who lives in fairy tales and from him, Sarai discovers another side to the world that isn't filled with hate and fear.

Like with Godblind the book finishes before the story so I'm looking forward to the next part.

4 stars

Have you read any of these books?

Ashley xx
*Review copies from Harper Collins NZ & Hachette NZ. Opinions are my own

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