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Vintage Finds

I've always viewed op-shopping through rose tinted glasses. I'd always imagine going in and being surround by amazing one-off pieces of clothing. Off course that never really happens and the chances of it being in your size is a miracle. In the past, I haven't done much op-shopping but now I'm really into it. 

Ok, skip to a couple of weeks ago or so and I'd just finished up at the museum. I was just wandering up and down the Great South Road when I happen to glance towards Selwyn Arcade and saw a second-hand shop which I'm pretty sure was not there before. I decided to go over and have a look through the clothing racks. I saw some things which took my fancy but then I discovered this gem and honestly couldn't believe my luck. Blazers are an item which I'm obsessed with and I've been hunting for one for the longest time. 

It's navy blue and is a bit longer than a regular blazer (I'm pretty sure it's a mens one but who cares). There are shoulder pads and it's got pockets at the front and also inside which is great cause who doesn't love places to put stuff.

The buttons look as though they've got seahorses on them which is cool. On one side of the breast pockets, it has an 'Oxford' patch on it. I'm not sure if this is the brand or something. There's also a rowing picture so maybe it's a club jacket?? The size wasn't on it so I quickly tried it on, it's a bit tight but the fact it was $10 and amazing I, of course, had to have it. 

Now that I've got a taste for it I'm eager to hunt out my next gem.

Have you found any op-shop gems?

Ashley xx

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