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3 Makeup Items for the Lazy Girl who can be Bothered

As the days are getting a lot warmer I tend to become lazier, as I've mentioned before I don't cope well with heat. I don't wear makeup regularly but during Summer it's more or less a no go as it just feels uncomfortable to wear when it's hot and I can't be stuffed with the admin of taking it all off. However, when there is the odd occasion where I feel the need to make an effort I'll just stick to using three products.

For the face, I go with something easy & lightweight to just cover the areas I wish to be less obvious. I find powder foundation easier to apply and doesn't take as much elbow grease as liquid foundation. I'm currently using the Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin foundation which was gifted to me by the lovely Sophie. Ivory Ivoire is a bit lighter than my skin tone & Sand Sable is darker. I'm not sure if there's a shade in between but both seem to work well for me. 

A little bit of mascara just makes your eyes pop and also gives the impression you at least put some effort it. However, throughout the day you'll constantly have to refrain from rubbing your eyes otherwise you'll look like you've just woken up.

And lastly to make it all look put together, a little bit of lipstick. The colour is dependent on you, what you're doing/the mood you are in. For me, it's either a nude or a red. Nude is more casual and it's not a big deal if it starts to wear off. As it's Christmas, red is a great route & when applied you feel you can take on anything. Especially the malls at Xmas.

What are your makeup staples?

Ashley xx

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