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New Year 2018

This has kind of turned into an unintentional tradition. It's cool to look back on the last couple of years to see what I hope for in the new year. It's pretty much the same and don't expect 2018 to be any different. 

2017 for me was a year for small victories I guess you could say. I've yet to get a paying job yet again but I started a new volunteering position at the Auckland Council Archives which I enjoy immensely. I'm still volunteering at my local museum & I took the plunge & applied to do a museum degree at Massey. I got in & I'm just waiting for my courses to be approved. 2018 is already looking brighter as I have a goal & I just find studying (while stressful) enjoyable. 

Another big thing for me was that I went to the doctor to start sorting out my anxiety. I'm not really a talking person, I find it hard to open my mouth and say what's bothering me so this was a major thing. I'm currently on medication & it has helped immensely. My 'superficial' anxiety has decreased and my brain is slowing starting to get used to functioning without the panicky fear about small everyday things. 

For 2018 the goal as always is to stop overanalysing things, to create problems in my head and then psyche myself out. Another thing that causes issues with me is the problem of comparison. I always stress about not being 'normal' or doing things 'right'. If I have enough friends, like to socialise, career, relationships etc. It's not good. Social media doesn't really help so I deleted Snapchat which I didn't really use anyway and also went through and unfollowed accounts on Twitter & Instagram. I toyed with the idea of getting rid of Facebook but I have the blog Facebook page. Although it is the weakest of my social media accounts so maybe I'll just get rid. Not sure yet.

Blog-wise I've had this idea of doing series of posts on passion/motivation in which I 'interview' fellow bloggers. I have no questions as of yet so that's a job for the new year. Of course, the long-term goal is to grow the blog in terms of readers as well as getting opportunities to work with amazing brands.

2018 I feel will be the year I finally start moving towards my long-term goals.

Happy New Year everyone!

Ashley xx

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