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2018 Intentions

At the start of every new year, I come up with goals that I know I will not keep up with. That sends me down a spiral of just repeating everything and not moving forward to where I want to be. Instead, I'm substituting the word 'goals' for 'intentions'. To me, it just sounds more meaningful and is something not to aim for but to work on every day.

I'm pretty much coming up with these as I'm writing so I have yet to put them into effect.

  • I intend to be more physically active, whether big or small

  • I intend to utilise my creativity, whether big or small

  • I intend to swap the negative thoughts with positive ones, whether big or small

  • In intend to do the things I want to that trigger my self-doubt & anxiety, whether big or small

  • And finally, I intend to be kinder to myself. To stop internally criticising if I fail

What are your intentions for 2018?

Ashley xx

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