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Review | Since We Fell & Six Tudor Queens: Anne Boleyn

In a few short days, I will once again have the title of student. I'm both excited/nervous. The coursework for the first week is up and I've started reading up. I know, I know. I'm trying to keep on top of it, although I try that every year but eventually end up falling behind. Hopefully, I'll still manage to have time/be motivated to keep reading non-academic stuff.

Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane*
I wasn't expecting to read this as fast as I did. It's an intriguing mystery in we, and main character Rachel, question whether or not we truly know a person. The story kind of has two parts to it. The first follows Rachel figuring out who her mother really was after her death as well as the identity of her father. This leads her to meet Brian. They reconnect years later after Rachel has a breakdown on TV and become married. After her breakdown Rachel becomes a recluse, getting the occasional panic attacks until something shocks her. Was her husband Brian truly who she thought he was. I was very invested in the story, I just kept wanting to read and find out what was going on. I liked the revelation at the end, it was kind of unique so it didn't feel liked I've read it before.

4 stars

Six Tudor Queens: Anne Boleyn by Alison Weir*

This is the second book in the series. I've read the first on Katherine of Aragon and I just love how they're from the female perspective, something that was very rare for that time. The story is told in the first person perspective of Anne Boleyn. Weir obviously would have taken creative license with her thoughts and feelings but includes all the historical dates & events. I really loved how the story of Anne & her relationship with Henry is written. It makes a lot of sense & doesn't portray Anne as deceiving from the outset. She caught the attention of the King & and was essentially a pawn of her fathers in order to get status. In the end she makes the ultimate sacrifice for her family. Wealth & status over love and in the end it, unfortunately, doesn't end well for her.

4 stars

What books have you read recently?

Ashley xx
*Review Copy

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