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The Realities of Living Alone

It's only day two. I'm still alive but over it. So my family ditched me to go on holiday and I'm at home, mostly on my own. Thank god I have the dogs with me otherwise I know I'd drive myself insane with anxiety. This is the second occasion I've been left on my own, I managed to survive the first time so chances are I'll pull through.

The days aren't so bad. I'm used to it. It's just when it starts to get dark I get on edge. Every little sound is heightened and sounds sinister when your lying in bed trying to sleep. Like I said I'm grateful for my furry companions as I feel less alone and if anything is up they'll know (hopefully).

Other realities of living alone, of course, are having to feed yourself as well as cleaning up. I'm trying to plan out meals but I can't think of anything and I don't know if I would feel like it on that day. And then there's the dogs, cat & the guinea pigs but thankfully there's not much variety in their meals.

I'm someone who enjoys my alone time. I prefer it almost. However every single day I've interacted with my family and now nothing. I don't feel like there's something missing however as my sister sends me pictures of the all the shopping she's done. How nice of her.

I've often thought of making the step of moving out of home. The idea of living with people doesn't greatly appeal to me so I'm treating this like a trial run. I think I'll do ok, apart from the overwhelming anxiety over possibilities. Also paying for stuff too, although I'd like to think I'm organised and can handle it. Who knows.

Ashley xx

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