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Life Update: Books, Uni & Birthday

Hello again, it's been a while. Last week was my first week back at uni and already I feel like I'm behind. This year is different as I'm studying via distance and one of the main things I've noticed is that there is a quite a lot of reading to do each week. I'm only doing two courses this semester which is half what I did while doing my BA & Honours but it feels the same. I am enjoying it so far, I'm doing a Museum's degree which will hopefully help with getting a job in the sector. This weekend I'm off to Wellington for a contact course where I get to meet other students and do other educational stuff. I'm a bit nervous, this is really my first trip on my own, but also excited for the adventure.

This past Tuesday I got just a little bit older. The number kind of terrifies me, I just try to ignore it till you have to sign up for something and have to put what age bracket you fit into. I hate those. I didn't really do anything, apart from study. Thrilling I know. My family got me a small carry on suitcase which is awesome. It's got wheels so I don't have to carry it around which is great. Now I just want to travel to all the places. I also got chocolate & liquorice which is always appreciated.

Usually every month I write about what books I plan to read for that month. I'm just gonna include it here as with all the readings for uni there isn't room for much else. I'm planning to take The Boat Runner by Devin Murphy* which I wrote about in February's post to Wellington. I'm also currently reading Are You Waiting for Monsieur Bellivier by Britta Rostlund* which is set in Paris and has a bit of mystery to it. After The Boat Runner I'm planning to start The Twelve Mile Straight by Eleanor Henderson* which is set in Georgia, 1930. The themes of race are prevalent in this book with a white sharecropper's daughter giving birth to two children; one light-skinned, the other dark. There's a mystery surrounding it which intrigues me.

So that's my little update. I have a feeling my blog schedule will be all over the place but I've got some exciting posts coming up which I can't wait to share.

Ashley xx
                                                                                                                                            *Review Copy

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