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Life Update | What's been happening the last month

It's been a while since I've written something non-academic and to be honest, I'm at a loss as to how to write this. I'm still in the essay mindset, trying to establish an argument and making sure everything is structured and flows well. This has been me for the last month or so. I've never been good at time management (or essays for that matter) so something had to give. Unfortunately, it wasn't the assignments.  

This post is kind of like a catch-up, though it is mostly one way. If you want to let me know what you've been up to though, feel free to. It's currently the mid-semester break and I'm trying to enjoy this time where I don't need to do any readings or assignments. It always feels weird at the start, I have this feeling I should be doing something else but then I remember there is nothing to do. It's weird. I don't have that much time off unfortunately, maybe like two weeks??? I'm doing distance study so the lines are kind of blurred. I think I'm half-way done with the degree I'm doing (I haven't got all my results back so I have no idea whether I've passed the courses) and I've just got two more courses to go, which I'm kind of dreading. They're covering the areas of museums which I'm not so interested in, like management, so I'm gonna have to try to stay on top of everything. Unlike this semester. 

To be honest there's nothing else that's been happening. One of my aims for this year was to starting learning to drive. There has been zero movement on that front and I'm struggling with the confidence to ask the parentals for lessons. Anxiety makes me terrified about everything basically. I'm also trying to be more active (by trying I mean doing nothing at all). Also, it's cold and I just immediately put on my dressing gown and follow my monotonous daily schedule. The only excitement I get is from watching what other people get up to via Instagram. Always a voyager.

So yeah. I'm not sure whether I'll actually get back to a "regular" blogging schedule for a while as I've still got the rest of the year to get through. My intention is just to post whenever I can. I'm more active on Instagram (ashleyruthblog) so you can just follow me on there if you're interested.

Until the next post...

Ashley xx   

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