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One Line a Day

I've been keeping a diary on and off since I was a child. I start off great but after a while I just can't bring myself to write anything and just scrap the whole thing. I saw someone on the internet had a five-year memory book which piqued my interest so I of course went and ordered one.

So the gist is that each page is a certain date and there are five sections for each year. Each section is only six short lines so it's just a small snapshot of the day which is great for me as the prospect of writing long sections of text repels me (thanks uni).

I will confess there have been a couple of times where I've either forgotten or couldn't be bothered to write in it but I'm trying my best to stick to it. A lot of things can happen in five years and I just think it would be great to have and look back on.

The one thing I don't like is the cover. It's just so plain. The other covers look so cool, I especially like the celestial one cause I have a soft spot for stars. So that's my only negative really.

Here's to the next five years

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