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Work in Progress

It's taken a lot of time for me to build up to this. I feel so out of practice that I just don't know where to start. That's always been a barrier for me, if I don't know how I just never attempt. No sense of purpose is another factor. Uni is finished and once again I'm back in the old repetitive progress of job hunting. It's exhausting and the thought of writing a cover letter actually makes me want to hide in a dark corner. 

Everything is a work in progress

Life, this blog. I needed a change. I'm not set on the logo as yet but I'll play it by ear and see if inspiration strikes. I got photoshop for Christmas and am having fun watching tutorials and playing around. 

Another thing I've recently gotten into is Twitch. All I stream at the moment is Sims 4, which is another thing I've recently dived head first into. I spent an ungodly amount of hours back in the day on Sims 2 and now history is repeating itself. There's just something about being able to control a virtual person's life, guess it's to make up for not being in control of my own.

There's not really a solid point to this post, other than I'm back kind of. I'm not forcing myself into a rigid schedule. And I also am not restricting what exactly gets written and published. So think of this blog as a lucky dip, you never know what's going to appear.

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