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Getting out of a Reading Rut

Going back to uni last year affected me in a lot of ways. This included being repelled by the thought of writing or reading anything. Honestly, the readings were ridiculous. 3 or 4 each week with some of them being like 50 pages long. It was also double since I was doing two papers so that was fun. Add that on top of doing a 5,000 word essay and you see why I couldn't face doing it for fun.

With uni being over it's taken me a while to get back into blogging and reading. It's like I've got a hangover I just can't get rid of and it sucks. I do get bursts of motivation, like when I see fellow bloggers heading to cool events or creating amazing content. Getting invited to events isn't my main motivation behind blogging but it's just cool to be thought of with other people liking what I do. 

Ok, on to the reading problem.

I've had the same two books by my bed for at least a year maybe. Every time I look at them I just can't get excited. And then I look over to the piles of books I've yet to read and feel guilty for not creating content for the lovely publishers who send me these amazing books. 

So yesterday I made the decision to just quit with those two books and start one that I actually want to read. It's my birthday tomorrow and be damned if I go through another year of my life forcing myself to do things I don't particularly want to do.

The Fates Divide* is the sequel to Carve the Mark* which I read and loved back in 2017. It follows the story of Cyra & Akos who are part of waring groups but are of course in love. They have to battle which that + her tyrant father, aka all the usual stuff. I'm not sure if it's a trilogy situation, I'm sure I'll figure it out once I've read it.

Ashley xx

*Review copies from HarperCollins NZ

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